"If you think you've given chiropractors a try and haven't seen the results you're looking for, then you haven't experience care under Drs. Gorshack. The way they run their business allows you to put your health in front of your wallet. I have been going to AXIS for about a year and a half now, and I'm impressed at the overall improvement of my health. They even helped me get rid of a lingering migraine within minutes of my adjustment and helped keep my TMJ Disorder in check. AXIS rocks!"

Natasha, Massage Therapist and Spa Owner

"My wife and I have been patients at AXIS for many years, and it has been a tremendous benefit to our health. Their focus on minor adjustments to the atlas to allow the body to heal itself, naturally, makes so much sense. I used to suffer from migraines and sinus issues that seem like a distant memory now. Recovering from a cold used to feel like forever, but our immune systems are so much stronger at this point that minor illnesses barely slow us down. The space is warm, inviting and friendly. We love the open adjustment model, and could not be happier with our treatment. Do you and your family a favor and book a consultation as soon as possible."

Ryan H, Massage + Spa Owner

"The beginning of the year my neck was so out of alignment I was in excruciating pain. I met with Axis for an analysis and to set-up a plan of action to get myself back into proper alignment. Within two weeks I noticed a huge difference. With every adjustment I feel myself slowly getting back to my normal self. Not only is the pain gone but I feel more clear and focused. Ashley and Stephen are very professional and also incredibly personable. I have absolute confidence knowing when I go in for an adjustment that I'm on the right path to proper health. Thank you so much!"

Gina C., Age 48

"My daughter and I just started coming here, and honestly I feel so much better since I have been under their care. The first time I was adjusted it was like having bad eye sight, and for the first time seeing though a new pair of glasses. I felt so good and continue to feel really awesome. I have more energy, I sleep better, so I don't feel tired all the time, and my general outlook just seems to be brighter. My daughter is going and just by one visit woke up feeling more relief for her allergies today. Yeah, this place is amazing. Also, Dr. Stephen and Dr. Ashley are truly wonderful and delightful people to meet and be around. Everyone should check this place out!"

Laura R – Mother: Age 41

"Best health care option around. I learned more about my body speaking with Dr. Stephen in 30 minutes then what I've learned over 20 years. Dr. Stephen and Dr. Ashley really care about their patients and getting them at their full potential. Ive already been adjusted once and can feel the difference and see the difference. Their doctor's office was spectacular. Two people who truly care and are passionate about what they practice. They are all about fixing the source not just putting a band-aid on it. All doctors should be at their standards. Worth every penny! Highly recommend to everyone! I wish I knew about them years ago!"

Susan M: Age 31

"Stephen and Ashley are so knowledgeable , take the time to explain their whole process. It's incredible to actually see the Before and after of an alignment with their equipment . They have a beautiful office , but more importantly the expertise to relieve my back, shoulder pain .. Plus I heard they are amazing in helping babies get rid of their colic!"

Nicole P., Age 45

"How happy I am that I found Axis - Their high tech system pinpoints the problems and Stephen's skill works them out. Additionally their advice on stretches and exercises to maintain or repair the damage I do to myself is so appreciated. Their walk in hours are ideal for my ever changing schedule with the demands of a busy job. Add to all this their friendly and welcoming personalities you can help but walk out of their office with a smile."

Beverly P., Age 52

"Axis Chiropractic is the real deal - incredibly friendly and knowledgable husband and wife chiropractors with a deep passion for helping their patients identify the true source of their pain and structural dysfunction. Ashley and Stephen use high tech diagnostics in a clean, unique open clinic setting to create a comfortable and effective healing environment. Here, the focus is on optimal health - healing the root cause of whatever is bothering you, not just treating symptoms...although they are pretty good at that as well. Looking for fabulous chiropractic care? Look no further. Six stars!"

Richard L., Massage Therapist

"Ashley and Stephen are truly wonderful people who go the extra mile to make sure you are getting the highest quality care. They are professional and friendly at the same time and the way they choose to run their practice helps insure you are getting the best care possible! I have seen numerous chiropractors over the years and I've only started seeing a potential fix for my issues since becoming a patient at Axis."

Audrey B., Age 32

"Ashley and Stephen are truly a breath of fresh air. They are the most caring, most genuine people and believe in running a wonderful business that helps people. There business philosophy is remarkable and their approach is wonderful. If in need of long term chiropractic care, you can't find a better more practical system then theirs. It makes so much sense and I think truly groundbreaking to do a membership based chiropractic office. There positive and sunny outlooks are inspiring and just being around them makes a person want to take better care of themselves on a holistic level. Not only do they treat back pain but they take an over-all health of the body and mind approach. So wonderful, I recommend them and am so excited to be a patient of their practice!"

Leanna M., Age 43

"Ashley and Stephen are warm, caring and very hard working. They make sure that their clients and their well being come first! They are dedicated to making sure that each and every person receive treatment that is based on their individual needs. Go see them and be treated like family! They are the best!"

Lisa D., Age 61

"Amazing and incredible chiropractors and individuals who really care about my health and well-being. My husband and son get care with them as well and we all notice an increase in energy since beginning care a little over 4 months ago. Our son is almost a year old and has insane mobility and balance that I don't think would have been there without regular care. Thank you Dr. Stephen and Dr. Ashley for taking such good care of my family!"

Allysha M., Daycare Owner

"The results I’ve been able to get by going to Axis, and the impact it’s had on my quality of life, is FREAKING AWESOME!! 🙂 In the past I’ve tried traditional chiropractic, physical therapy, yoga, went to a neurologist, spine doctor…but no-one really had any answers, and none of the active treatment brought me more than temporary relief. I decide to give Axis a try and I’ve been going for three months now and it’s freaking incredible I could talk about Stephen’s bedside manner (which is great), how nice the office is (it’s delightful) and how smooth the experience of everything is (like butter), but at the end of the day all that matters is how I feel. And how I feel is GLORIOUS!! "

Garrett P., Age 36

"It's so refreshing to see a chiro that takes the whole picture into perspective. They are nice, educational, they don't talk down to you, and they are in it to help. I would recommend trying them out, for sure."

Alex M., Age 46

"I am a massage practitioner and I refer all of my clients to Axis. I know with 100% confidence my clients will be satisfied with their professional and knowledgeable treatments from Axis Chiropractic."

Holly L., Massage Therapist and Spa Owner

"I was visiting my son and during my stay, got a terrible neck ache midway through my stay. I use chiropractic in my home area but didn't think I'd be able to make it through my "vacation" until my trip back home. On a day when many other clinics were closed for the holiday, I got in the same day and was met at the door by Dr Ashley Gorshack who very politely introduced her self and got me a water while I filled out some simple paperwork, but then got to see Dr Stephen Gorshack moments later. He spent the time to get to know me and my history, pains and concerns - even though there was a few other patients in the clinic at the same time. He used a lot of different techniques I had never seen before and said I must have really mixed up my back on the plane and sleeping on a couch. I felt way better and was even able to go Kayaking with my son the next day. Pain FREE. Thanks Drs. Gorshack."

Dr. Johnson, Optometrist 

"The no appointment model works great for our family. My wife gets to pop in whenever she has a free minute. My daughter loves the play room and all of the toys. Axis really is a no brainer."

Anthony R., Age 39

"Ashley and Stephen have been taking care of me for over a year and Axis has a very good family feel to it. I am always happy to see them and get work done. Thanks for the Balance!"

Eric A., Age 48

"I cannot say enough good things about AXIS Chiropractic. I have suffered from hip pain for over twenty years due to two different hip-related accidents. Within weeks of seeing AXIS, I am pain free. Their approach is logical and effective. The price is reasonable. I have sent several friends and family members to them and they have been just as happy."

Emily R., Massage Therapist and Aesthetician

"Stephen and Ashley are amazing. After suffering from back pain for over a decade, their treatment has me pain free and it is an incredible feeling. Axis is a game changer! Thank you!"

Ryan M., Age 46

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