Structural CHiropractic can speed up healing times of injuries, Increase strength and performance, and prevent the likeliness of future injuries. 

How we Help

1. Increase Your Strength and Performance

A recent study showed that when we adjust dysfunctional segments of the spine, we improve strength, we prevent fatigue and we change the way the brain drives our muscles.

2. Improve Your Range of Motion and Flexibility

Structural Chiropractic can decrease joint stiffness and pain, leading to increased mobility, flexibility and increased athletic function and proprioception.

3. Faster Recovery From Concussion

The Brain Injury Research Institute estimates that 3.8 million recreation-related concussions occur each year within the United States. Research has found that chiropractic helps reduce the players recovery time from this type of injury

4. Decreased Healing Time Associated With Athletic Injuries

Structural Chiropractic has been shown to be helpful for speeding healing time associated with other sports injuries. 

5. Reduce Joint Stiffness and Pain With Less Dependence on Medications

Athletic training can often jar and misalign the spinal column, because the spine is at the center of the body. Impact to the legs, feet, head, shoulders and torso often radiates to the spine and can progressively break down the body.

Athletes tend to use pain medications to work through the pain, however even OTC medications negatively impact performance. Correcting the cause of the primary issue reduces the need for these types of medications.

6. Improved Reaction Time, Hand-Eye Coordination, and Muscular Function

Research has found that chiropractic has a positive effect on reaction time, balance, and hand-eye coordination while increasing muscular function.

7. Prevent the Likeliness of Future Injuries

Structural Chiropractic corrects underlying abnormal shifts of the body that alter biomechanics and movement patterns. With these abnormal shifts present in the body, injury is more likely to occur and reoccur over time.

“The [chiropractic] athlete reacts faster, coordinated better, executed fine movements with improved accuracy and precision, amounting to an overall better athlete.” 


Lauro BM. Chiropractic effects on athletic ability. Chiropractic: The Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigations. 1991;6(4):84-87

Chiropractic is an effective way to improve health and performance by helping ensure that the body functions as efficiently as possible, which can maximize healing and recovery from all types of injuries.

Make a Change

Take your performance to the next level. 

Your body is designed to be healthy, trouble-free, and work well for a lifetime. Old injuries limit you. We provide the most gentle and effective way to regain lost function so you can feel and perform at your best.

Dr. Stephen Gorshack has a passion and focus in improving athletic potential through structural correction in athletes of all types- from the weekend warrior to the world-class athlete.  He has worked with numerous athletes in the NFL and NCAA over the years, as well as youth and high school athletes.

With so many people turning to chiropractic, isn’t it time you upgrade your health as well?

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