About Us

We believe an integral, yet often ignored part of healthcare is a trust in your doctors, established through our deep investment in your health.

Our Approach & Values

At AXIS, it is our goal to help you and your family achieve your highest health potential. We strive to empower our clients with all the tools necessary to work towards attaining optimal health. We are here to support you and your goals and help you feel and function your best along the way.  

We believe in relationships. We believe in taking care of people as a whole and not merely in treating symptoms. We have dedicated our life to providing high-quality care that is widely accessible and affordable for families to make part of their regular health care regimen without breaking the bank or being a major inconvenience. 

Our success as a practice and as practitioners in getting and keeping our patients well, stems from our deep investment as you as a person. At AXIS, you’re not just a face, you’re not just a case number. To us, you’re family and we care not only about your health concerns and goals, but about you as a person. We don’t treat anything, we take care of people. We pride ourselves in our investment to your well-being. 

"If you think you've given chiropractors a try and haven't seen the results you're looking for, then you haven't experience care under Drs. Gorshack. The way they run their business allows you to put your health in front of your wallet.

I have been going to AXIS for about a year and a half now, and I'm impressed at the overall improvement of my health. They even helped me get rid of a lingering migraine within minutes of my adjustment and helped keep my TMJ Disorder in check.
AXIS rocks!"

Natasha, Massage Therapist and Spa Owner

"Best health care option around. I learned more about my body speaking with Dr. Stephen in 30 minutes then what I've learned over 20 years. Dr. Stephen and Dr. Ashley really care about their patients and getting them at their full potential. Their doctor's office was spectacular. Two people who truly care and are passionate about what they practice. They are all about fixing the source not just putting a band-aid on it. All doctors should be at their standards. Worth every penny! Highly recommend to everyone! I wish I knew about them years ago!"

Susan, Age 31

“My wife and I have been patients at AXIS for many years and it has been a tremendous benefit to our health. I used to suffer from migraines and sinus issues that now seem like a distant memory. The space is warm, inviting, and friendly. We love the open adjusting model and could not be happier with our treatment. Do you and your family a favor and book a consultation as soon as possible!”

Ryan, Massage + Wellness Spa Owner

Meet Dr. Stephen

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Stephen Gorshack graduated with honors from Life University in Marietta, Ga. During his time there, his knowledge of health and vitalistic view of human function led him to be recognized with the Philosophical Distinction award, which is reflected in his compassionate attitude towards his clients. 

His background in Exercise Science has led him to have an eye for the unique requirements necessary to help athletes achieve peak performance levels. As such, Dr. Stephen has worked with numerous athletes in the NFL and NCAA over the years, as well as youth and high school athletes.


Meet Dr. Ashley

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Ashley Gorshack received her doctorate degree from Life University in Marietta, GA. Her passion for prenatal and pediatric care is reflected in her warm, caring approach. Dr. Ashley has worked with children of all ages, helping them be as healthy as possible. Her studies include post-graduate training with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association- which is reflected in her gentle touch and loving way with kids. 
Dr. Ashley’s passion for service and caring attitude paired with her vast experiences with natural birth make her one of Central Florida’s top choices for prenatal and pediatric care. 


We Work With Individuals of All Ages, Pre and Postnatal Women, Pediatrics, and Athletes.  

Affordable Family Wellness

We believe everyone should have access to high quality, affordable care on a regular basis. Life is full of stressors that take a toll on the body and we can help you feel and perfom at your best through it all.

Pediatrics and Prenatal Care

We offer gentle, accomodating techniques for expecting moms, newborns, and postnatal care for recovery. We love taking care of children of all ages through their stages of development. 

A Focus On Athletic Performance

Athletes are constantly asking more out of their bodies. Their care requires a special attention to their unique movement patterns and physical demands. We help you recover from injury and reach new levels.

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